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Anita Jayanath asked 2 years ago

Pranams Babaji,Can you please suggest a practice through which I can develop true devotion to Krishna?Will I ever be able to find a teacher,with my sceptical disposition?Love, Anita

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admin answered 2 years ago

Do you know of any mother, a true mother, who does not care for her child? How could Krishna not care for you when you care for Him? Go look at the mirror, what do you see? Your reflection right, that is what Krishna is. When you look at Krishna Krishna looks at you. As such He is seeing you all the time but as you try to see with your distracted mind, (trying to see many other things at the same time) you can’t see Him.
Yes, only Love, only Love is needed. Nothing else. You are woman, and you know well, women live in their hearts. You have love in your heart first. Give that love to Krishna, and He only bega, and longs for your love, nothing else.
Cry for His darshan. Cry for his Love, Cry for Him and see what happens.

Wehere do you live? if Kolkata, i will be at the ashram between 10 May and 15 May, try to come and see me.

Love and blessings,