QuestionsCategory: Random (default)why am i in this world of difficulties
Anonymus asked 2 years ago

why am i in this world of difficulties

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admin answered 2 years ago

So that one day you realize in this human birth alone that all difficulties are perceived by the mind that is rooted in unconsciousness. Once you start lifting your mind with your own mind from external to the Internal, from the illusion of material to the reality of Spirit within, you will see that all problems of life are creations of mind body soul in disharmony. Practice meditation, practice to dwell on your breath, practice mindfulness while doing the daily chores of your mundane life, and grow in awareness of the Inner Self, you will not complain any more of the world of difficulties. You will see the difficulties as passing clouds. You will remain the Witness. Not afflicted by it.
My love and blessings are with you,