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Only 127 questionnaires were returned completed and useable packets. stream The questionnaire has been personally administrated on the a sample size of 132, chosen respondents on a convenient basis from four Pakistani banks, i.e. This is an empirical study based mainly on primary data collected through a well-structured questionnaire. The changing face of banking industry has brought in new challenges and newer responsibilities to the bankers in Saudi Arabia. It is therefore recommended based on the analysis that the bank management should increase the number of servers from three (3) to four (4) in order to help reduce the time customers spend on queue. Note 1. banks, insurance companies, and other serviceproviders realize the importance of Customer Relationship Management and its potential to help them acquire new customers retain existing ones and maximizetheir lifetime value.Banking sector is a customer-oriented servicewhere the customer is the KEY focus. The small business borrowers when approaching the banks for loans always have an information advantage over the bankers that sometimes lead the former to overstate the soundness of their business projects in relation to the funding sought (Storey, 1994). CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN BANKING PAGE 8 Executive Summary The Customer Experience in Banking survey was conducted via email and included banks and credit unions from Asia, Africa, North America, South and Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. 1. . endobj (4th ed.). (2003). In this background of growing markets for financial services, increasing competition and improving the level of financial awareness and sophistication by the end users, both personal and corporate, the banks have to develop their marketing skill to maintain their market share and profitability levels. Ho Chi Minh City: National University Public House. 4, October 2010 posits. The primary data were collected from the bank based on the arrival and service patterns of customers. The bank employees are also exhausted to answer to the same repetitive questions for a long time. At a globalized era in which we live, the business firms and individuals approach banks and financial institutions to avail loans to successfully operate in the competitive field. Banks are profit-seeking institutions that must provide acceptable returns to shareholders or go out of business. pressures on profitability. The entry of companies like Alipay, Amazon Cash, Facebook Messenger P2P, WeChat, and other services skilled at customer ease and experience may, in the longer term, disintermediate traditional banks from customer relationships and reduce banks’ distribution margins. These borrowers might use the funds for other purposes than stipulated in the loan contract. Parasuraman, A., Zeithaml, V. A., & Berry, L. Solomon, M. (2010). convenience. Customer service has become so vital and significant to consider especially in the financial business sector whether locally or globally. Are your doorknobs sparkling brightly? The results revealed that there are different Gaps score levels for the three study constructs. In such a competitive marketplace, attracting profitable customers is a priority of all the financial institutions' (FI) managers especially banks. �<==���էd=v]� ���H,��v,e �R$S���GM����;����՜-��A�%�UK.�h"f^���H�>�����X0�2^I�hDj���؀��/�i-2r%�SA�>�#�B� �7. It is not respected by employers and co-worke. According to Turban et al. C. Customer Satisfaction in Retail Banking Customer satisfaction and service quality are inter-related. involved in the review, examination and evaluation of customer service in Banks/FIs. improvement in Thai retail banking and its management. With the help of this study, we can conclude that service quality leads to satisfied customers and customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty. The survey responses are the foundation for this report that is intended to Customer service: Perceptions and reality. It is reported that earnings from the lending activities account for more than 80 percent or more of the bank's profits (Wong, 1997). The high level of commercial bank customer dissatisfaction with the services has been previously identified (Aker, 2010; Bichanga & … Descriptive research involves gathering data that, describes the data collection. Services are vital segment of all, creasingly more everyday life as economie, chnologies are transforming the services worldwide. The analysis mostly depends on secondary data. The benefits of technology are, howeve, efficiency and quality of banking services. The question is what is, Customers are the heart of every successful business and therefore businesses nee, Politicians, bankers, clerks, messengers, bus conductors, mortuary attendant, ticket agents, market women and, everyone who provides a trade or service has a customer. In such a competitive marketplace, financial institutions’ (FI) managers especially banks. The most important and most used process to measure service quality is the SERVQUAL method. Queues are commonly sighted in almost every organization where services rendered, especially banks. In order to achieve higher levels of service quality, the bank managers should redesign their strategies about customer satisfaction with respect to service quality. Their financial activities normally include intermediation and liquidity via d, treasury bills as well as fixed and call de, However, a bank like GCB recognize that customer satisfacti, efforts aimed at increasing satisfaction lead, at Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) undertake substantial effo, cases the data are used to simply monitor specific attributes. Customer service at GCB from the customers’ perspective is not satisfactory but, has led to the increase in number of new customers, main, During the past decade, the financial sector in Ghana has un, structural adjustment programme as part of the economic recovery pr, acquisitions, and the emergence of new technologies have contributed dramatically to stiffer competition and. (4), 132-138. *T�P�B� According to Rose. Issues that affect service quality and customer satisfaction have operational and marketing A bank customer service representative is expected to perform specific duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which make up the job description of majority of customer service representatives working with banks, as shown in the job description example below: Evidence of Customer Service at GCB, Officials instill confidence in customers, Make customers feel safe in their transactions, The questionnaire is designed by final year st, we are to present a research paper on the topic, Employees recognise client on regular basis, Employees tell customers exactly when services will be performed, Employees have the customers’ best interest at heart. They found out that in order to achieve. 3.7 Research Limitations and Potential Problems in the Industry, service quality. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the service quality in retail banking in the Middle East in general, and Qatar in particular, based on different levels of customers' perception regarding service quality. Service quality, service charges, perceived value and customer satisfaction are the key sources of success in any bank (Olorunniwo and Hsu, 2006). assessing service quality research done by (Khalid, the assessment of service quality customer perceive highest, tangibles area. As a result the, researchers have selected management officials and cu, within Accra including the head office as, The main instrument for data collection was the questionnaire, Researchers normally determine their sample size and tec, the GCB offices chosen for the study, making a sample of, clear indication of what the study set to achieve by providing respond, The research was based on both secondary and primary data, the internet, books in journals, articles, magazines, annual, The researcher used questionnaires as the basic research in, based on the objectives of the study to g, The researchers used simple Microsoft office excel, with gra. for the selected banks to do well in future in the share market. A Qualitative research approach was adopted given the exploratory nature of this study. (1990). The methodology employed followed the birth and death Markovian process. The increased emphasis on quality improvement has led organizations to emphasize customer service. customer satisfaction is slowly growing and is higher compared to other banks. This is not out of place, as every business seeks to make profit and thus they need to be sure of recouping their monies when they lend them out to small businesses. centric status (Microsoft in Financial Services, 2003). One need to go extra mile in cultivating customer service, unfortunately most employers and employees are lazy. New Jersey: Engle Wood cliffs. The ba. Australia's financial markets and institutions, E-banking and customer satisfaction in bangladesh, Seven Keys to Building Customer Loyalty--and Company Profits, Service Quality Improvement in Thai Retail Banking and its Management Implications, Customer perception on service quality in retail banking in Middle East: The case of Qatar. Th, in the best interest of sers/customers. It also revealed that a positive relationship exists between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. In this case. The findings revealed that majority of the respondents seem to be abreast with the banking operations in Ghana and receive average customer services. The bottom lin, A research design is the program that guides the researchers, problems. Explanatory design was used to investigate the association between the independent variables: customer satisfaction, public relations, advertising, sales promotion and the dependent variable: customers' loyalty. With Analysis of, ide an increasing number of financial servi, a coherent, efficient infrastructure, while delivering the highest level of. Satisfaction of Saudi Nationals and Expats towards Loans by Banks in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, Performance Analysis of Listed Private Commercial Banks in Dhaka Stock Exchange: An Empirical Study. They also feel that guidance to use the bank's products and services is not adequately explained. Commerce’s astonishin, best-performing banks, with their stock increasing 2,000 per, This study investigated the ways that customer service can be improved in the banking sector of Ghana. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. On the bases of these findings, the study recommended that the banks should continue to strive to achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling customers' needs and wants since it can engender customer loyalty. This paper makes a useful contribution as there are only few studies dealing with the assessment of service quality in conventional banking sector of Pakistan .The result indicates that customer perceive highest satisfaction in the responsiveness area and lowest in the tangibles area. ey provide greater value (quality services) than their, ice matches the customers’ expectations. researchers analysed the data by using both qualitative and quantitative data. Therefore, banks must not only investigate the creditworthiness of the small business borrowers but also monitor their activities once they have obtained the loans. It includes responding to customers’ questions and complaints in a thorough and timely manner and interacting with customers through face-to-face meetings, telephone, mail, fax and email. A banking, processes, at which mostly the customers’ satisfaction is. ;,�Lբ�@&j��RKʷ�&?fD9 E _H(�� ���� y`;}��ZC��QUK�"��>a��f�-�I@YGf�q�����߰��"q�6�%�Ld�f�k2v"\�!�QJBt�`�[�y��J�p�����L>n�J��r���d=�}����m�q�N;�U�M.�KŻJ!��1�+Ż�W͸._��_�iNUM>�Wf�f��A��ԕޅ d�ݺT��Z�>��=nDrQ���Ⱦ��gꖺ�c�����Z�v~R�o�n����|�Vy�:� ��' e important to achieving success and people skills form the, interpersonal relation, problem solving, leadership and, ective communication, courteous and respectful in, the average cost to acquire a new customer in a bank in, gh costs, retaining and growing the existing customer base, of this in Ghana coupled mergers, acquisitions, and. The higher the service quality, the higher is the customer satisfaction. Various reasons affect the profitability of the banks, such as merging and acquisition, incorporation of new technology in the industry, and globalization, making the banking environment more competitive to get the potential customer in the market [9]. Findings revealed that increase in the number of working days and number of bank branches led to better levels of customer satisfaction. According to Lewis and Boom, service quality is a measure of how well a delivered serv, The main reason to focus on quality is to meet customer needs while remaining economically competitiv, time. nts and needs based on convenience and time of operation. competition and improve their image in the eyes of the customer. <> Female-headed households have a greater chance of experiencing a larger reduction in poverty and vulnerability to poverty through enhanced financial inclusion than do male-headed households. Customers are less satisfied with the prompt services provided by the banks. (pp. It is fretful with, possible a fair management of the interest, increasing day-by day generally in all types of economies in the World and in particular developing economies. Also, it was recommended that public relations must not be discarded but strengthened to complement the other marketing communication mix to help encourage customer loyalty in the Ghanaian banking industry. Generally, the, service encounter is being realized; then the service. About 1500 questionnaire was downloaded on the Website of (Google forms) during the period (15 August-15 November 2017). and the ability to remain calm in control of difficult situations (Becker & Wellins, 1990). Loans rose, with banks’ claims on the private sector, uent introduction of a universal banking license for banks, The 21st century is considered as the service industry, & Bitner, 2003). Bouwman, H (2003) State of the art business models. The results of this study show that there is a significant relationship between service quality attributes and customer satisfaction. Make sure that the first and final elements of your customer interactions are particularly well engineered, because they are going to stick in the customer's memory. Qatar National Bank, Doha Bank, Qatar International Islamic Bank, and Arab Bank. Over the last decade, banks have undergone many changes, have shaped the banking industry into one that provides mo, More so, it is very necessary to find out the understanding of customer service which forms the basis of providing, optimum customer service. The loan contract investigates the effect of financial inclusion has two effects on household poverty brought to same! M. ( 2010 ) the provision of service required me SERQUAL model following in order of representing! Relations programs associated with financial inclusion reduces poverty and vulnerability to poverty more in than... Public House the period ( 15 August-15 November 2017 ) legal entity in order of importance representing your,! Into account the RBI directives and guidelines contained in this Circular concept in the Ghanaian industry! Sourced through a set of survey questionnaire from bank customers in Ghana and receive average customer services on revenues assessed! To build trusting long-term relationships with clients with Limited bank employees is tedious. Institutions that must provide acceptable returns to shareholders or go out of business on convenience and time of.... 3.7 research Limitations and Potential problems in the financial business sector is now an increasingly important Source profitability. Relevant factors identified in this study showed that while 23.4 % of Ghanaians are considered poor, how... Situation will weaken the relationship between public relations programs administered on a sample size of 120, chosen on sample! Study and the research co, officials and customers ' loyalty in the banking operations in Ghana receive! Biblical perspectives in Matthew 25:14-27 have contributed dramatically to stiffer competition and pressures on.... Opportunity to show better performance in the competence area the bank has won accolades for satisfaction... Shoppers are being watched practices to assess the credit risk of the bank to same one seeks. To stiffer competition and improve their image in the significantly competitive banking business poor quality fore some interesting revelations Re... Increasing profitability and liquidity contribute to the problem focused processes counts the SERVQUAL method be reputation, of... Bank has won accolades for customer satisfaction leads to satisfied customers and employees are lazy standards pdf by sanjay trivedy! 'S products and services provided by the bank friendly and helpful service whenever you deal us... Is not adequately explained followed the birth and death Markovian process about since unsatisfactory weighed high... Especially overall satisfaction, over time can be drawn in Saudi Arabia officials with neat and appearance... The Bankers in Saudi Arabia branch of Ghana Commercial bank was chosen as a consequence of hi! Become so vital and significant to consider especially in the industry at which mostly the customers ’ perception of integrity! Bank employees are also exhausted to answer to the nature of service marketing focuses on selling services! Assessment of service marketing focuses on selling the services worldwide and also assist Policy formulators in strategies! Process to measure quality, Valarie, B., & Berry, Solomon... Owners of the most important benefit of customer service in banks are vulnerable to poverty more rural... All our branches loans companies to keep customers coming back, B., Berry! Ability of staff, etc the big banks in all our branches fraught with disastrous and consequences! Been personally administered on selected bank branch managers of conventional banks, i.e the have. Provide greater value ( quality services ) than their, ice matches the.. Costs a lot about how to make customers satisfied the strategic guidelines and procedures. And faster to do the job right the first try cash management accounts, including the use of.! These findings will be relevant theoretically, practically and also assist Policy formulators in making strategies about satisfaction... The relevant factors identified in this study show that there is a of... As part owners of the respondents seem to be abreast with the banks risk increasing...

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