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Sunderban Villages ravaged by Cyclone Bulbul

  • November 18, 2019
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Recently the villages in Sunderbans were ravaged by the Cyclone Bulbul. Bodhi is working harder than ever to aid and assist. Using his love for technology he has started doing video calls with these remote villages, doing Satsang and inspiring them to never lose hope and to lead a truly spiritual life. You too can join the work of caring and sharing by contributing to Lokenath Divine Life Mission (LDLM) through the Contribution Button if you live in India or globally on PayPal on www.feelinghearts.org. As Bodhi says so eloquently: “Blessed are they who come to this world to expand themselves through service to others. God loves them for their gesture of divine love. For service to others is indeed love divine. Who receives the service from our hearts other than God?” Any help is deeply appreciated! Bodhi’s work with as charity but it is the furthest thing from traditional charity as he believes charity cripples the soul and only fosters dependency. Here in his own words is how he describes his work: “My vision and mission of founding Lokenath Divine Life Mission is to see communities thriving on the principle of self help and self dignity and growing together with deepest feeling of fellowship, creating wealth and sharing it with a heart free of malice for anyone and love for all. A community founded on cooperation and not competition. Where everyone lives for the other, where happiness is a shared value. Where personal growth is always in the plane of evolved consciousness. Where this organization is only a catalyst in creating the miracle of humanity free of hunger and deprivation, and children educated to be global citizens with practiced spiritual values of harmony and peaceful coexistence.” To read more about the Work of LDLM please see our Charity Projects Link.



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