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Blog Talking to Baba Lokenath in 2019

Talking to Baba Lokenath in 2019

  • January 1, 2019
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Q: If we could meet Baba Lokenath in his physical form today just on the first day of New Year 2019 what would we ask? Shuddhaanandaa: Maybe this is a good question that you all may do to yourself just before entering into the New Year about which there is so much excitement globally. You may say, give me peace and all that I need to feel happy in life and may the Year 2019 be full of success and prosperity. Baba will say "Why do you ask for peace or happiness, it is already granted to you. Did I not tell you that "you" are the biggest obstacle to peace and happiness? You pray to me and then doubt if I did hear your prayer? Your doubt, your lack of trust is the cause of the delay and your frustrations in life. Trust me with all your heart and offer your false ego and be free from all tricks of your mind and illusions of unhappiness. My eternal blessings and grace are with you all the time, I am taking care of you whether you know or not. In my world, there is no old year or new year, It is the timeless eternity. From that sphere of eternity, I bless you so that you may have a steadfast devotion to your Guru and God and be happy moment to moment under my divine shelter for you all are my children."

All Glory to Baba Lokenath, the Living Shiva! ~~Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari



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