Yaas cyclone relief work

26 May 2021, as cyclone Yaas hit the coast of Bay of Bengal to the south of Kolkata, there was massive damage and within a few hours, the entire Sundarbans, its islands, were flooded with rising water levels of the saline watered rivers, breaching many of the mud bunds that separated the rivers and the villages. It was as if the rivers and the village paddy fields were all one. People were displaced from theri mud homes and and the only hope for them was Govt. help, and help from charity organizations. As our Mission has been working since 1990 in many of these areas, we immedately took steps to distribute packets of food and other essentilas to hundreds of villagers shelterd in flood centers. The relief work is continuing even today, as the villagers are in panic waiting for a bigger predicted challange of 26 June’21,  when forecast is the river waters will further rise and cause massive damage with high wind storm and rains. While giving the relief materials we have identified new localities where least relief has reached, and more mariginalized people inhabit. This also has opened up opportunities for us to adopt more such villages for all round development work in a continued basis with special focus on MASSIVE SUNDARI (MANGROVE) PLANTATION ALONG THE RIVER BANK IN AREAS WE ARE WORKING OR SHALL ADOPT. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY SUNDERBANS AND ITS MILLIONS OF POOR PEOPLE CAN BE SAVED FROM THIS YEARLY RITUALS OF DEVASTATING CYCLONES. 

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Direction To Reach Lokenath Divine Life Mission And Baba Lokenath Temple, Kolkata, India

Come to Acropolis Mall, take Rickshaw or walk 10 minutes to Garden High School, 100 meters from there is 47B Bus Terminus. Right on the Terminus and the first left to the Ashram which is about 200 meters from there.
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