The Grand Shrine of Baba Lokenath and his Marble idol at kasba, Kolkata
Bodhi offering lamp offering to his Pujya Gurudev Bhajan Baba, on 6 July Tirobhav Utsab at ashram
Bodhi addressing SHG members and farmers of Dulduli Project during his annual visit and Utsav.

ওরে ভয় পাস্ কেন? আমি তো সদা তোর সাথেই আছি, বিশ্বাস রাখ, আমার শক্তি অচিরেই তোর সব কষ্ট দূর করে দেবে। কেবল বিশ্বাস আর গুরু নাম জপ।

বাবা লোকনাথ

About Baba Lokenath

Baba Lokenath Brahmachari was born as the fourth child, to Kamala devi & Ramnarayan Ghosal (a devout lover of god), in 1730 in a village called Chakla in Barasat district….


Don’t fear! Have trust in me, I am always with you. Fear and trust cannot go together. When you trust there is no space for fear, for then you know deeply that I am with you. When I am with you, you are fearless.

Baba Lokenath
Charities Of Divine Mission


“Education is not about making money. It is all about learning the art and science of life to manifest the innate divinity, the ground of infinite possibilities”

Community Health

LDLM strives to serve the medical needs of underprivileged in villages and slums through homeopathy with least side effects and astounding results. 

Women Empowerment

“Women are embodiment of Shakti, once they awaken the world is a safe haven for all. Empowering them is to remind them of their innate power of patience, perseverance and infinite creativity”.

LDLM Latest Update

Yaas cyclone relief work

 26 May 2021, as cyclone Yaas hit the coast of Bay of Bengal to the south of Kolkata, there was massive damage and within a few hours, the entire Sundarbans, its islands, were flooded with rising water levels of the saline watered rivers, breaching many of the mud bunds that separated the rivers and the villages. 

Lokenath Tirodhan Utsav

Due to Covid imposed Lockdown, Baba Lokenath’s Mahasamadhi Smaranautsav was celebrated not with the grand festivities, mass feeding of bhog prasadam to thousands of devotees, stage programmes and outward expressions of divine delight like in the earlier years. Like last year, everyone sat in their homes and dwelt in divine remembrance of Baba Lokenath through online medium.

Puja & Archanas

Our Puja Committee has arranged for special Puja and Havan/Yajna (fire sacrifice) opportunities where Lokenath devotees from all over the world can make offerings to Shiva Lokenath through the priest of the Temple in order to receive special blessing from Baba Lokenath. You can all avail yourselves of this very special arrangement so that you can now offer Puja and Yajna/Havan, do rituals of Shanti-sasthayan, even though you are not present at the ashram temple.

On 15 October 1978 Yogavatar Baba Lokenath appeared before Bodhi in a living Vision and ordained him to spread Baba’s Message all over the World.

Bodhi is the spiritual name given to Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari by his ascended Master, his Guru, Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari on the day of Buddha Purnima, 2019. In May 1985, he founded Lokenath Divine Life Mission at Bageshwar near Almora in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand and the Temple ashram of Baba Lokenath called Baba Lokenath Dham, the only Himalayan Ashram of Baba Lokenath. The Mission is dedicated to Shiva Incarnate Baba Lokenath to serve every being on earth as veritable manifestation of God.

Bodhi’s Insight For Today

Bodhi’s Insight For Today

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Direction To Reach Lokenath Divine Life Mission And Baba Lokenath Temple, Kolkata, India

Come to Kasba Acropolis Mall, take Rickshaw or walk 10 minutes to Garden High School, 100 meters from there is 47B Bus Terminus. Right on the Terminus and the first left to the Ashram which is about 200 meters from there.

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